Factory Visit

Tuesday 18th October

Woke up feeling excited. Visiting factory today to see my car being moulded.

Arrive at factory late morning and excitement sadly fades. Mould assembled and masked ready for moulding but no gel coat or fibreglass applied at this point :(

Mould marked up for body stripes

Not to worry, Had a good chat with Andy and looked at a recently moulded body destined for Oz and got some good tips on de-flashing and the like

Andy says the body should be ready for collection by end of month. So I best get on and finish the A Frame Trestles and a get a Luton van on order for collection!!

Need to make final changes to garage in readiness!!!

Some Good News

Wednesday 12th October

Email received from the factory. Body lay up to start on Saturday. Visit to factory arranged for 18th October to have a look while still in mould