Starter Motor

17 November 2012

Not a big job but a bit fiddly.

The starter motor simply bolts in place but there is a dust protector that fits between the gear box and the engine which has a slot that needs opening up to allow the starter motor drive to pass through.

This wasn't easy to cut with the dremmel as the plate is really tough but managed it in the end. Not the prettiest hole in the world but will work and noone will see it!!

Exhaust System

17 November 2012

Made a start on fitting the exhaust system today

First it was on with the manifold

Stainless Manifold

Then started working backwards - this was a relatively straightforward task but needed some twisting and turning to get the alignment just right.

Used the standard U clamps supplied by GD but don't really like these so will replace later with some Mikalor stainless clamps like Rob has done on his build.

Cant fit the rear section until the body is on so thats about it on the exhaust for now.


Where on Earth Have I Been???

My last blog post was in March and that started by saying "Wow, its been two months since I last updated my blog". Well this time its been 6 months so what, if anything, has been happening...

Well... not a fat lot to be honest, although some more work has been done on the bulkhead and most excitingly the engine has been finished and fitted into the EURO chassis at GD :)

So what's the reason for the delay... I've been very busy at work through the summer months, I've gone through a separation and moved house (not Cobra related) and more recently I dislocated my shoulder so have been out of action for over a month :(

But, at long last, some 12 months after the bodyshell was first collected the build is back on and I am targeting the spring for completion.

I have some photos of the bulkhead progress and also some of the engine and chassis build to upload shortly and I will do my best to put these back into the blog in chronological order.

Also, I have secured a great number plate for the car 'AC 62 COB' the 62 relates to the year of manufacture and interestingly next year from March (when the 13 plate comes in) you will still have the option to register new cars on 62 plates due to concerns in the industry about superstitious buyers being put off the 13 plate!!! The other significance of 62 is that this is the year the Cobra was launched - I will leave you to decide the significance of AC and COB