Christmas Build Plans

Wednesday 28th December

Ok, plans for the Christmas build:-

1. Cut holes and test fit headlamps
2. Fit heater matrix (just been reading some other blogs and it would appear the use of Rivnuts are helpful - so just ordered a tool and assorted sizes of Rivnuts off Amazon). This will now need to be delayed awaiting supply of tool
3. Boot Lid - need to finish rubbing down edges ready for filling with gel coat and polishing - and attempt to fit in place

Doesn't sound like much but having got back into some other blogs I'm beginning to feel daunted at the prospect of this build already :( lol

Drilling Holes

Saturday 17th December

The other stuff Ive been doing over the past few weeks is drilling holes in the body for lights, indicators and heater pipes.

Was quite apprehensive about taking my drill and hole saws to the perfectly formed Cobra bodyshell but having heeded the advice of other builders, I measured twice (even did some test cuts on a piece of plywood to make sure) and cut once.

In the end, there were no dramas with drilling of holes and have now fitted front/rear indicators and stop/tail lights. Holes drilled for side repeaters and heater inlet hoses

Having fitted rear stop/tail and indicators the back end of the Cobra is actually begining to look like a car at last, so a quick photo before removing them in readiness for polishing.

Flashlines (4)

Saturday 17th December

Just started having a think about what needs doing next and have decided to try fitting the boot. This way the back end will be pretty much finished.

So we remove the bubble wrap from the boot lid and my heart sinks... the edge finish is dreadful and will need - you guessed it - lots more flashline preparation. Hoping when I come to do the bonnet that wont be as bad but Im scared to look :(

In fact the edges of the boot lid are so bad I've had to get the dremel out

Flashlines (3)

Saturday 17th December

Haven't updated my blog for a while as I've been struggling to find time to work on the Cobra so there  hasn't been much to say!!!

Spent a few hours this week working on flashlines again and I think I'm pretty much done now...

All external body side flashlines have now been removed using Stanley Blade Scraper and then rubbed down with wet n dry paper. Started with 400 grit and have worked through 800, 1200, 2000 and final rub down with 2500 ready for polishing.

As reported previously, had some trouble getting the flashlines smooth in the radiused areas but my co-builder, Ali, found a 'tear-drop' sanding block on eBay which is especially designed for the purpose and it has worked really well.

Have also removed flashlines around rear bulkhead and that leaves front bulkhead and some internal flashlines to sort out - but these can wait til the new year.