Flashlines (2)

Tuesday 29th November

Update on flashline removal...

All external body flashlines now removed with stanley blade and rubbed down using 400/800/1200 grit wet n dry paper ready for final preparation and polishing.

Both rear arches and N/S/F arch also ready for final preparation and polishing.

Was interesting to compare before and after shots of N/S/R arch and quarter panel (see photo)

In the end, I have to say that so far flashline removal hasn't been the pain I thought it would be. Still a little bit of tidying up to do in the tight radiuses (ie. around arches, headlamps, etc) and have the O/S/F arch to prepare but all in all solid progress and will soon be cutting and drilling holes - now THAT will be scary. Think I read somewhere... "measure twice and cut once" - good advice I suspect :)


Sunday 6th November

Now this is something I was worrying about...

Having read so many other blogs and having seen the car arrive with ragged wheel arches that cut our hands to ribbons when lifting the shell out of the van I was seriously worried that the very first stage of my build was going to run into complications

Ragged wheel arch and rear quarter flashline

Using a stanley blade in a window scraper attachment and a small hand file, I removed the excess flashing and burrs on the wheel on and rear quarter.

Then, armed with 400, 800 and 1200 grit wet n dry paper and a rubber sanding block, I set to work on the rubbing down process.

After a couple of hours of work with light fading, I hung up my tools for the day feeling pretty satisfied. It wasn't until I was able to reinspect my handiwork in natural light that I could see further rubbing down would be required (there was still the subtle hint of a mould line showing near the arch and between the rear light cluster and the boot lid opening).

Collection Day!!

Thursday 3rd November

The day has finally come to collect my GD427 body-shell from the factory!!!

Tres Excited!!!! - as a friend of mine would say ;)

My lovely new body-shell is born!!

A rather snug fit for the journey home!!

The Luton van had a 13' deck and the Cobra is about 13' so there wasnt much room but we got back safely and did our best not to hurt our backs off loading the new arrival...

Body in Mould

Friday 28th October

After the disappointment of not seeing my car in the mould on 18th October, I was very pleased to receive an email from Andy with some photos showing progress....

GD427 Mk4 As moulded
Roll on collection day - 3rd November!!!!