New Project - Peugeot 205 1.9GTi

With the Cobra build complete, my build buddy Ali and I have been working a new project, albeit it on a very low key basis since February 2014 - this time for something entirely different... A Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi Re-Build.

I have a blog running showing progress, if you enjoy reading this blog why not take a look.

Peugeot 205 1.9GTi - Tired and in need of total re-build

Prescott Revival (2)

Meant to upload these photos when I posted the GD ones at Prescott Revival...

Not really a huge fan of the Marcos but these were two really nice examples. One a classic coupe and the other a prototype Marcos Spirit 220 which new Marcos owner Tony Brown was proudly displaying.

Classic Marcos Coupe

Marcos Spirit 220 Prototype

Prescott Revival

Sunday 10th August 2014

This weekend is Prescott Revival arranged by the Marcos Owners Club. Had been planning to take the C~obra and had pre-booked 6 runs up the hill.

As seems to new typical of the Britsish weather it was torrential rain all through Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It seemed pointless to take a rear wheel drive, open top high performance car so I took a modern Golf GTi Mk7. This meant I could at least have some fun up the hill.

Was good to see some other GD'ers braving it though, with Andy, Darren and David in their T70's and Charlie with BAM. Managed to get some decent photos of the guys - must figure out how to start posting to Facebook!!)