Another Pedal Box Update

With the pedal box now mounted in a much better position, I attached the brake and clutch cylinders once again and then started to look at how to fit the various hoses and connect to the inner wing.

Brake & clutch cylinders with associated pipes/hoses

Holes prepared for brake & clutch lines

Brake and clutch lines fitted

Fairly pleased with the end result and feels like I have made some reasonable progress here

Pedal Box Update

After fitting the pedal box in the position advised by GD, I was a little disappointed that the pedals seemed too far off the floor of the car. I checked several other builder's blogs and all appear to fit in roughly the same position as advised by GD so I was still quite apprehensive about making any  changes. However, after much thought and deliberation, I decided that what the hell, I was going to lower the pedal box by about 10-15mm.

Showing bottom of Brake Pedal 215mm from floor 

So first things first, I removed the pedal box and set about filling the holes with P38 filler

Filling holes

Added card to back off bulkhead to stop filler falling through
Next step was to remark, drill and fit. This time i aligned the top of the pedal box casting with the bottom of the ledge on the bulkhead.

The final result appears to be much better - a few mm has made a lot of difference.

Engine Update

Having ordered the engine from Ken at Engine Data Analysis, I was a bit disappointed that it was going to be Easter time before he cold get the engine built. I was worried that I would have finished the body and would be sitting around doing nothing waiting... how wrong I was!!!

As it happens the engine build was delayed which didn't matter due to lack of progress with the body (for reasons covered elsewhere in this blog).

Midway through the engine build programme I went up to visit Ken (10th April 2012) and the team with my trusty assistant Ali. Ken showed us some of the many parts that would be going into my engine build.

Moroso Aluminium Sump

Holley Road Avenger Carb

Edelbrock Aluminium Cylinder Head wiht 'D' Shaped Exhaust Ports

GM Chevy 383 Block S/N 3970010

GM Chevy 383 Block S/N 3970010

Pistons & Rings

My theme for the engine was to be a combination of black and silver - so the block was painted gloss black (in fairness against the advice of Ken as he felt the engine detailing would be lost when fitted in car) and all ancillary components would be in aluminium.

I felt the rocker cover was a little too bright and would make the engine appear to 'blingy' so we agree that this would be powder coated in gloss black with the fins remaining in natural aluminuim. The finished version looks great on the engine!!

Aluminium Rocker Cover - to be powder coated