Back at Base

18 August 2012

Right, the rolling chassis is safely back at base.

Next jobs to be completed are..

1. Fit starter motors and dust shield
2. Fit manifolds and exhaust system
3. Cooling system - fit twin fans to radiator, fit radiator, fit header tank and connect all hoses
4. Attach engine loom to reverse and speedo connectors

Engine and Gearbox Installation

18 August 2012

Today is another big day in the build of my Cobra. The engine and gearbox are to be put together and fitted into the rolling chassis up at GD.

So another early start, another sunny summer morning, a Range Rover with a trailer and two excited car builders in it and its off to GD to we head.

On arrival, Andy had already fitted the clutch. So we set to work attaching the gearbox.
Clutch Fitted
Pairing Engine & Gearbox
Paired and Ready to Install

Fitting into the chassis was fiddly but not overly troublesome. Some bits and bobs had to be removed off the chassis and with some jiggery pokery we got it in place. The engine mounting bolts look a little on the short side to me and I plan to fit longer bolts there at some point.

Left a bit, right a bit!!!
And in she goes

The gearbox mounting plate needed drilling so we also took advantage of Andy's workshop facilities to do this.

Once everything was in place and bolted securely we loaded the rolling chassis on to my trailer for the long journey home.


5 August 2012

Started installing the main body loom what seems like a lifetime ago now but only really fitted the rear section and didnt get around to finishing off the terminations.

So time to set about making some progress here...

First things first the connections to the rear lights were terminated

It wasn't clear how the wiring for the reverse and fog lights was meant to work out so we did some testing and established that there is a common earth. The outer casing of the loom was slit open and the relevant live feeds were pulled through in the correct positions rather than having to have them run back and forth inside the boot. The earth wires were also put in place and the whole loom was then taped back up.

These terminations will be covered in shrink-wrap once the car is built but until the whole system is tested I don't want to do this.

Heater Ducting

5 August 2012

Having fitted the heater matrix, I decided it was time to make a start on sorting out the ducting for the screen and footwell ventilation.

Had a look at other build blogs and went with the standard practice of buying plastic kitchen waste pipe and making two 'Y' shaped connectors to split the airflow between left and right hand side of car.

I used my mitre saw to cut the pipe then bonded the pieces together using plumbers adhesive. Like with most other builders, I then sprayed them matt black to make them look nice before cutting down to size. All a little pointless when then are hidden behind the dash but if the car is ever taken to pieces in the future it will look better and I'm a sucker for attention to detail.

Before and after being cut to size

The finished article

 I also decided that i wanted the connectors to be in the centre of the car so the air in theory will travel evenly between both sides, ie as opposed to a short length running to the near side and longer lengths to off side. This meant that there wasn't enough ducting and some more had to be ordered from car builder online

Note the 'Y' piece in centre of car

And a view from the other side