Heater Ducting

5 August 2012

Having fitted the heater matrix, I decided it was time to make a start on sorting out the ducting for the screen and footwell ventilation.

Had a look at other build blogs and went with the standard practice of buying plastic kitchen waste pipe and making two 'Y' shaped connectors to split the airflow between left and right hand side of car.

I used my mitre saw to cut the pipe then bonded the pieces together using plumbers adhesive. Like with most other builders, I then sprayed them matt black to make them look nice before cutting down to size. All a little pointless when then are hidden behind the dash but if the car is ever taken to pieces in the future it will look better and I'm a sucker for attention to detail.

Before and after being cut to size

The finished article

 I also decided that i wanted the connectors to be in the centre of the car so the air in theory will travel evenly between both sides, ie as opposed to a short length running to the near side and longer lengths to off side. This meant that there wasn't enough ducting and some more had to be ordered from car builder online

Note the 'Y' piece in centre of car

And a view from the other side

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