Friday 30th September

Waiting for my Cobra body shell feels like being 14 again and waiting for Christmas. It's so frustrating - just want to get started now!!

Oh well, at least I've started work on the A frame trestle tables which I'll need to stand the body on when it finally arrives and the garage has been fully sealed to stop the annoying leaks where the sides meet the walls

Order Placed

Monday 5th September

Formal order placed today for body and first stage of internal fit out (wiring, brake pipes, etc)

Gotta twiddle thumbs now until it arrives in approx 10 weeks but the good news is that GD have just refurbished the mould so the finish and flash lines should be better!

A Decision at Last!

Friday 2nd September 2011

Its late afternoon, and Im breaking up form work on Monday for a weeks holiday. Im desperate to get the car ordered before I go so anohter call to Andy at GD and the decision is made...

Im going for a GDEURO in White with twin Black bonnet stripes and Black wheels. The interior will be black leather with white piping and the dials will be white faced

Wow!!! Im excited... the journey begins with Andy muttering the words "welcome to the club' - guess its time to find some other club members now. Im sure I will need their help and encouragement along the way

Deposit to be paid on Monday - let the journey begin.... :-)

Gardner Douglas Factory Visit

Thursday 1st September

Went to GD Cars and met Andy Burrows - great chap and extremely helpful!

Saw lots of cars in different colours, was taken for a mind blowing ride in ACC898A - a fantastic example of a GDJAG with Iron Block in Signal Red

Went away with my head in a complete spin - should I go GDJAG or GDEURO? If I go JAG then should I go rolling chassis or kit form? Side pipes or underslung? What colour should I go for - I went along thinking it would be the traditional dark blue or black and definitely not red but fell in love with ACC898A - decisions, decisions!!!

After boring the wife with all my thoughts and I went to bed still undecided about pretty much everything

Keith's Cobra Dream - How Did It Start?

August 2011

After going to a car show while on holiday in Florida in August 2011 and having seen some incredible classic muscle cars, when I was sitting by the pool the following day I began to browse some car sites and then I stumbled upon a number of Cobra blogs and pictures.

I then found a website created by someone who, like me, had got the idea to build a Cobra replica whilst on his holidays.

His dreams and concerns were mostly the same as mine - I really want the best Cobra replica I can make but can I really do it with my limited technical knowledge? What will happen if I get stuck? Will I run out of funds, etc, etc

With this in mind I started to look into the options - from kit suppliers, to engine suppliers, to donar car requirements, to the budget.

Returning from holiday I set about looking in the practicalities in more detail....