Keith's Cobra Dream - How Did It Start?

August 2011

After going to a car show while on holiday in Florida in August 2011 and having seen some incredible classic muscle cars, when I was sitting by the pool the following day I began to browse some car sites and then I stumbled upon a number of Cobra blogs and pictures.

I then found a website created by someone who, like me, had got the idea to build a Cobra replica whilst on his holidays.

His dreams and concerns were mostly the same as mine - I really want the best Cobra replica I can make but can I really do it with my limited technical knowledge? What will happen if I get stuck? Will I run out of funds, etc, etc

With this in mind I started to look into the options - from kit suppliers, to engine suppliers, to donar car requirements, to the budget.

Returning from holiday I set about looking in the practicalities in more detail....

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