Engine and Gearbox Installation

18 August 2012

Today is another big day in the build of my Cobra. The engine and gearbox are to be put together and fitted into the rolling chassis up at GD.

So another early start, another sunny summer morning, a Range Rover with a trailer and two excited car builders in it and its off to GD to we head.

On arrival, Andy had already fitted the clutch. So we set to work attaching the gearbox.
Clutch Fitted
Pairing Engine & Gearbox
Paired and Ready to Install

Fitting into the chassis was fiddly but not overly troublesome. Some bits and bobs had to be removed off the chassis and with some jiggery pokery we got it in place. The engine mounting bolts look a little on the short side to me and I plan to fit longer bolts there at some point.

Left a bit, right a bit!!!
And in she goes

The gearbox mounting plate needed drilling so we also took advantage of Andy's workshop facilities to do this.

Once everything was in place and bolted securely we loaded the rolling chassis on to my trailer for the long journey home.

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  1. Keith, can I get a close up of your gearbox mount and plate please. Have just fitted my Tremec TKO500 with a dummy plate and want to see spacings etc.

    Steve H'