Pedal Box Update

After fitting the pedal box in the position advised by GD, I was a little disappointed that the pedals seemed too far off the floor of the car. I checked several other builder's blogs and all appear to fit in roughly the same position as advised by GD so I was still quite apprehensive about making any  changes. However, after much thought and deliberation, I decided that what the hell, I was going to lower the pedal box by about 10-15mm.

Showing bottom of Brake Pedal 215mm from floor 

So first things first, I removed the pedal box and set about filling the holes with P38 filler

Filling holes

Added card to back off bulkhead to stop filler falling through
Next step was to remark, drill and fit. This time i aligned the top of the pedal box casting with the bottom of the ledge on the bulkhead.

The final result appears to be much better - a few mm has made a lot of difference.

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