Whilst trying to finish off the remaining bodywork issues before the engine and chassis arrive, I thought it was time to tackle the horrible joint line between the top of the body and the engine bulkhead.

Got to work with some Isopon P38 body filler (not used this since I had to repair my rusty old Vauxhall Viva in 1985) and filled the crack in and then rubbed down with some coarse grade wet n dry paper.

LH Bulkhead (Before Filling)

RH Bulkhead (Before Filling)

Bulkhead (Filled, pre-sanding)
Didn't look too bad but there were some indentations that needed re-filling and where the bulkhead became the inner wing it needed re-filling and shaping to match the body lines. So mixed up some more P38, filled and sanded.

Bulkhead (Fill, part sanded)

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