Engine Collection

Saturday 21st July 2012

The day has finally come to collect my engine and to be hinest I'm feeling a little like a kid on Christmas day.

A van is hired and its off to Castleford we go.

Driving to Engine Data Analysis on a bright summer's morning has also added to the air of excitement being shared by Ali and myself. On arrival the engine is already on an engine hoist and is in the entrance to the workshop. My grin is now from ear to ear and Ken is out to greet us with a handshake and a coffee.

Looking at this magnificent looking engine, I'm even more convinced I have done the right thing going down the iron block route as opposed to the supposedly more refined and less thirsty LS fuel injected units that GD like to use. I set out wanting original looks and great performance and I think this fits the bill just nicely.

Rear View

Front View

One thing that I had always liked when looking at original AC Cobra's was the large oval air filter. I had asked Ken if he could source this for me and we quickly changed the standard big round Edelbrock filter for the 'Cobra' filter. I hope you agree the final result looks bang on. As Steve comments in his blog, this might upset a few of the Ford purists but you know what? I don't give a damn - I just love the look of my engine. And the best thing is that it is unique. It has been built to my exact specification and design.
Now with the Oval 'Cobra' air filter

Time now to load the precious cargo into the van...

Leaving EDA
Loaded and ready to roll

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