15th January 2013

Having read lots of stuff about wiring looms on other blogs, it appeared that there are a number of options depending on personal preference, build spec and technical ability. These options range from custom looms, to modified GD looms to the off the shelf GD version.

My plan has always been to build, as near as damn it, a factory spec GD Mk4, albeit with my own unique detailing to give it some individuality. There was one modification that some builders have done to the loom however, that I really liked. That was to alter the cable run on the near side wing.

The standard set up is for all the body loom to come through the big hole in the inner wing then two sections go off to connect to the engine loom, the earth strap fixes to the chassis rail and the front section of the loom runs along the inner wing, inside the engine compartment, then under the arch to the front of the car then back around to the off side.

I had seen other blogs where builders have chosen to strip the whole front section back and run this though the access compartment (where the battery and heater matrix are housed) and fix this to the inner wing but from the wheel arch side thus keeping the engine bay neater.

So, with this decided, I set about removing all the outer loom shroud and pulled various wires back to the correct positions and then taped it all back up ready to install. I decided to do a dummy run first and fix it all in place prior to finishing off under sealing the arches and surrounding areas.

Loom now stays within the wheel arch and is fixed to inner wing with P clamps

Loom has been shortened and cables now need terminating
And now terminated (awaiting heat shrink covering once system is tested)

Shows look running back across bonnet hinge to off side

Off side wiring connecting to headlamp and running back to o/s side repeater

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