Needing to get the roll hoops fitted I had to fit a piece of carpet in the boot. This is the piece that goes on the top deck and the roll hoops pass through the carpet.

Its important therefore to get the holes cut as accurately as possible so i followed a tip I had seen in Ryan's blog and marked around the holes in the boot floor wiht chalk and then put the carpet in place pressed down and it marked the hole positions on the underside of the carpet. I also passed the roll hoops through the holes in the rear scuttle and positioned them roughly in place and marked around them. As luck would have it both sets of markings lined up and I was confident enough to cut the holes.

This I decided to do by simply cutting a series of crosses from the centre point of the hole position. That way, rather than cutting big holes the legs would push through making a better seal around the base (the holes still need to be filled with silicone form the underside to keep them watertight).

So the carpet was laid in place and the hoops passed through and secured to the chassis. I will go back and glue the carpet down at a later date when I have sorted out which bits go where in the boot!!!

The lumpy bit on the right hand side is the fuel hose that needs re-routing

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