Pedal Box 2

Only 2 Days to Track Day

With the track day looming large I needed to get the accelerator pedal and throttle cable sorted asap.

The recommended method for fitting the throttle cable into the pedal is to cut a slot vertically down the top of the throttle pedal then drill through a small hole just bigger than the inner cable, then drill a larger hole half way through to accommodate the head of the throttle cable nipple.

The slot has been opened up to allow the cable t pass through but will be squeezed tight later

Note the bent cable - this will be straightened before final fit to avoid it sticking

The cable then passes through the bulkhead (you need to get the hole to be at the same height and position as where it sits in the pedal to avoiding it kinking when you press and release the pedal) and then through the inner wing via the access compartment where the brake and clutch master cylinders are mounted. It then passes to the other side of the engine and is fixed to a bracket attached to the rear left stud of the carb. There is then a ball and clip to fix it to the throttle linkage on the carb. A return spring is then fitted to ensure the throttle returns to idle and doesn't stick.

Sadly, my kit didnt come with the kit to fix the cable to the carb or the return spring linkage so some last minute eBaying was done and we came up with a fix that we hoped would work ok for the track day which was taking place in 2 days time!!!

Bit concerned that the throttle return spring wont be up to the job

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