London to Brighton Run May 2015

Sunday 31st May 2015

Today was the second organised outing for Cobie with my participation in the annual Classic and Kit Car Run organised by GE Classic Motor Events

Having already planned this trip prior to my other love, Aston Villa, qualifying for the FA Cup Final, some tweaks to the itinerary were required. So an extra nights accommodation was reserved at Devonport House Hotel, Greenwich and the trip commenced on the Friday morning. However, the weather gods were not being kind and by the time I was 10 minutes up the road I soon discovered that my rarely used weather gear isn't weather proof!!! A pit stop followed with some emergency repairs and we were off again. Finally the weather improved as I arrived in London but the car got very hot stuck in horrific London rush hour jams.

Anyway, Devonport House is a nice safe location to leave a classic and having been quite apprehensive about this before arriving I parked up with confidence.

A disappointing day followed at Wembley with my boys failing to turn up but at least it was, as is often the case, a nice sunny day so I was optimistic about the forecast for Sunday's run.

On entering Greenwich Park on Sunday morning I was made to park up with a bunch of other Cobra's (of varying varieties) and I have to say I was really pleased with how my GD looked amongst them.

Parked between a Pilgrim and a Dax at Greenwich
The weather, whilst dull and overcast looked mostly dry so I decided to remove the roof before setting off and apart from the odd shower it wasn't really a problem. A phone call from Sue Hilliard and I was able to meet up with her and Larry, Dave Alton and his wife and Andy Burrows and Ayesha - we then headed off in convoy.

I had been to Brighton before but never for a London to Brighton run and it was great to see so many classics and kit cars on Maderia Drive.

I followed Andy into Maderia Drive in his re-sprayed Mk3 Demo sporting the new hard top which looks amazing - come on Andy get the Mk4 hard top sorted asap!!!

Following the GD Mk3 Demo into Maderia Drive
Then all the GD's parked up together...

This is a line up of quality Cobras

We then enjoyed Fish and Chips on the Pier before a 3 hour drive home in the sunshine that finally arrived just as I pulled on to the M25.

Brighton Pier

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