Post IVA Alterations

Having got the car through IVA, there were always a number of changes I had planned to do as well as completing a few little jobs that I simply didn't get around to finishing off.

In summary the alterations are:-

  1. Swap Speedo and Tacho positions - really feel that the tacho needs to be closer to the driver.
  2. Remove fog and reverse lights - the original cars never had these and I think the car looks much neater with clean lines at the rear
  3. Fit grilles to wings
  4. Fit wind wings
  5. Fit Q Jacks to Rear - originally I had planned to fit to front and rear but on reflection I think the front looks just fine
  6. Swap headlamps for Lucas P700s - nothing wrong with the standard lamps but I think the P700s ooze class and add a real period feel

And the outstanding jobs are:-

  1. Fit hood and tonneau cover - to be done by Intertrim
  2. Source and fit carpet to rear bulkhead - there is a section of the boot that is uncarpeted that I want to cover
  3. Fit 12v power supply - will come in handy when travelling to Classic Le Mans to charge SatNav and the like
  4. Remove in-line fan thermostat (this has never been connected), re-position electric fan controller and add over ride switch
  5. Fit mesh to brake and oil cooler ducts
  6. Fit battery brain
  7. Fit tracker
  8. Fit stone guards to rear arches
  9. Set up suspension
  10. Fit wheel spinners 
  11. Source and fit sump guard - I have asked Andy to come up with a sump guard for me. The Morosso sump I have is very low and is quite exposed and with the amount of speed bumps on our roads I think this could be a great safety device
  12. Apply GD decals
  13. Re-fit gear box bell housing cover plate - this was removed when setting up clutch and whilst ins't entirely necessary, I am happier with it in place than not
  14. Fit document holder to transmission tunnel

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