Spoke to Andy today who confirmed he had completed the pre-IVA jobs on my car that I had been unable to get finalised.

Andy also kindly sorted out the handbrake which I couldn't get to adjust properly. Turns out I had fitted the adjuster collar on the wrong side of the handbrake lever as can been seen in the photos below. This was a bit of a pain as it meant the drivers seat had to come back out!

The only thing needing doing now before the big day is to get the starter motor sorted. The one supplied by EDA doesn't engage properly with the flywheel no matter how I have shimmed it. Ken supplied an alternative unit a few weeks back but it looks identical and I have been having the same problems. Hopefully Andy can sort this out once and for all.

Andy also gave me some exciting news. Steve Hole, from Total Kit Car magazine is visiting the factory on Saturday 18th Jan and he is going to do a little feature on my car!!!

And to add to the excitement Andy has confirmed that he and a couple of other guys want to join me and a group of mates at Classic Le Mans in the summer.

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