Body Mounting 2

Today is a big big day in the life of my Cobra

Today the body and the chassis will be mated and two will become one!!

I have spoken to Andy at length about this and read every blog over and over and I must admit I'm a tad worried. There seems to be one school of thought that it is a complete and utter balls ache and takes hours to an alternative view point that it takes a lunch break.

A number of lads from work have volunteered to stay back and help me and Ali lift the body on and my grateful thanks to... Ian Clarke, Jon Hughes, Jason Atkin, Will Dowling, Bob Hunter, Wayne Hodgson and Mark Stevens (guys your on the tin ter net!!)

Not many photos of this part of the build but I do have a video which I will upload as soon as I can edit it down from the full 12 minutes it took to get the body in place. Yes 12 minutes!!! However this was merely to get the body on top of the car - the mounting holes were no where near where they needed to be and they weren't sorted for another 3 1/2 hours.

Down a bit...

Body on... Sort of on

We're not just posing we are trying to get the body to sit a bit lower so the mouting holes line up!!

One problem we encountered was the stainless steel header tank I had had made fouled on the inner wing of the car. Fortunately we spotted this before it becasme too much of a problem and it was removed. Once the body was on, the wing was marked and then cut with the Dremel to allow the tank to fit.
Inner wing marked

Header tank fitted

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