Body Mounting

A date has now been set to fit the body to the chassis (27th Feb) and no matter what it is happening. This means some preparation is required and a quick run through the checklist of things that can be done after fitting the body. Lets hope I don't forget anything important or the body will be coming back off!!!

List of jobs still outstanding but happy to leave til body is on...

1. Cut bonnet and fit scoop - this needs to be left until the  body is on as I am planning on using a the traditional oval 'Ford Cobra' style air filter and there is some doubt as to whether this will actually fit.

2. Windscreen and Dash Supports - decided I would prefer to do this after fitting body. Two reasons, (a) the body will weigh less and (b) I am worried it might shatter if we have to do much jiggery pokery to get the body aligned correctly.

3. Fit bonnet latches and escutcheons

4. Fit brake and clutch fluid reservoirs to bulkhead

Jobs still to be done before the body goes on...

1. Mark rear mounting holes - the holes that are already there (that have been filled in) are not in the correct position for the the Mk4 Euro chassis. Andy gave some advice on the positions for the new holes but said they dont have to be too precise as they can be adjusted afterwards. I measured the distance between centres on the rear mountings fixed to the chassis then transferred these to the body, starting by marking a centreline the measuring the correct distance out.

Centreline marked

Estimated mounting hole positon marked (note the filled hole - not for use on Mk4 Euro)

2. Add chamfer/leading edge to transmission tunnel body mounts - Andy advised its best to apply a chamfer to these mounts to allow the body to slide over them more easily.

Using grinder to apply chamfer to top edge of body mount
This should make fitting the body that little bit easier

3. Cant think of a number 3 but I bet I will when its too late...

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