Extended Footwell

Having cut the opening for the extended footwell some time ago, I have for one reason or another , been putting off finishing the job of preparing the extension piece.

I decided to go with popular convention and fit using rivnuts but the jury is still out on whether or not to use EPDM foam between the extension and the body or just use a bead of silicone - still time to think about this though.

Now there's a reason why people recommend that you take a break from any task when you have been working on it for a long time and this turned out to be one of those times!! I really should have finished for the evening rather than trying to get this one last job done. But that is the benefit of hinsight for you and fortunately the error was soon spotted and rectified quite quickly.

The first thing to do was to mark the first fixing hole, which I did without problem and drilled the hole out ready to accept the rivnut.

I then fitted the first rivnut...

Rivnut fitted the wrong way
As you can see form the photo, I fitted the rivnut the wrong way. Fortunately I realised my mistake quickly before fitting the others so I drille dit out and re-fitted.

Rivnut fitted right way this time!!!

All rivnuts in place awaiting polishing

Finally finished it off and decided to call it a night at that point. 

Will get around to rubbing this down and polishing when I can.

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