Bonnet Scoop

With the body now on the chassis, it  was time to refit the bonnet and establish whether or not I could get my 'Cobra Style', oval air filter to fit beneath the scoop.

After taking some initial measurements, I was hoping that by positioning the scoop about 10-15mm further forward there would be sufficient clearance. My other option to make more room would be to reduce the thickness of the plastic ring that fits between the carb and the filter.

Before making the big cut for the scoop I established the centre position of the air filter and then transferred this position onto the bonnet. 

Bonnet marked with centre of air filter

Then using the circle cutting tool on the Dremel I cut a hole slightly larger than the air filter mounting ring.
Hole cut slightly larger than air filter mounting ring
Bonnet in position showing air filter mounting ring fitted to carb with mounting stud in place

From here I positioned the scoop in place and lowered the bonnet to see if the top of the mounted stud would clear the underside of the scoop. As it happened it cleared by about 2-3mm. Unfortunately, no matter what I did with the scoop positioning, the front of the filter fouled the scoop lifting it from the bonnet.

Air filter mounting stud just clears underside of scoop

As it was getting late I decided to call it a day at this point. I had learnt form previous experiecne that any cutting or hole drilling should be done while feeling fresh and not when tired and frustrated as this

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