Something I started a week or two ago but didn't get around to updating on the blog was fitting the under tray.

I had decided, in my infinite wisdom, to completely remove the radiator when fitting the body as opposed to just loosening the top mounts as recommended by GD. The one advantage of this was that it was easier to fit the under tray this way. I had marked the position of the radiator bottom fixings and cut a slot in the under tray to to allow this to slot into place. Its then pretty much an interference fit under the front of the nose lip. 

As with all build jobs the tray didn't fit first time of asking. As I have decided to fit my fans on the front of the aluminium radiator the support bars foul the undertray so this needed a big of cutting with the Dremel to allow it to fit.

Twin fans mounted to front of upgraded aluminium radiator
Undertray cut around fan fixing bolt (both sides)

Once this was all in place the sides of the undertray can be left as they are or fixed to the inner wings. I prefer the idea of fixing to wings but there is a big gap between the wing and the undertray both sides and the rear of the undertray is much lower than the bottom of the inner wing (see photo). As it was getting late I decided to come back to this another time.

Note gap between undertray and inner wing and relative height of both parts

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