Filler Cap

The 'Aston' style fuel filler cap had already been test fitted and the holes drilled in the wing recess to accomodate it.

What I hadn't checked before drilling these holes was where the screw on cap would sit once it was screwed tight. Luckily the position can be changed by adding or removing some of the thin gaskets supplied with the cap so it can all line up properly.

One thing I didn't like was they way the bottom section of the filler cap sits directly onto the body of the car so I decided to fabricate a small rubber seal/gasket out of some rubber sheet I had sourced off eBay.

This gives the whole thing a much better fit and allows the cap to be screwed down nice and tight.

An earth cable has been fitted to the underside of the cap using a connector attached to one of the fixing screws and running this into the main body loom earth circuit.

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