Door Edges

Another job that has been hanging around unfinished is trimming the door edges to give a uniform 12mm lip for the sealing rubber to be attached to.

Not having any dividers available, I improvised using the method recommended on other blogs, ie. I took two pieces of wood and banged a nail through the one piece 12mm below the edge of the other piece. This was then used to scribe a line on the door lip. I then took a pencil and ran this along the scribed line to give a nice clear line to cut to.

Line marked 12mm from door edge, part trimmed

Once this had been done I fixed the rubber seal in place to see how the door felt when being closed and I have to say I was delighted with the result. Juts need to sort some springs for the door handles now so they move back into position after opening.

Door seal in place

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