With the scoop in place, the bonnet hinges back from powder coating, it was time to final fit the bonnet.

This would simply be a case of refitting the hinges (I had cleverly marked the one hinge so I knew which one went where - but had rubbed this into off the white board buy the time they came back), refitting the bonnet latches and then adjusting the height as all gaps had been sorted out before power coating.

So the bonnet catches were fitted without problem. The hinges were were fitted to the car (Ali and I were certain that the marked hinge went on the nearside) and the bonnet offered up for fitting to the hinge. The nearside fitted without problem but the offside was a mile out. So the hinges were swapped over and refitted but this time when the bonnet was closed the gaps were all over the place.

Wanting to realign the bonnet without lots of bending and packing of the hinges, I drilled out the mounting holes slightly oversize to give some movement and then put strips of card back in place around the bonnet and tightened everything back up. It looks ok but not 100% happy but rather than waste lots of time trying to sort this now, I want to crack on with the build and come back to this as part of my snagging list.

Card used to correctly 'gap' the panel

Catches fitted and adjusted
Shut height adjusted to bring bonnet in line with scuttle

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