Cooling System

Another simple task that isn't going according to plan is connecting the cooling hoses between the heater matrix outlets and the water pump and manifold.

Ken at EDA sent me some Speedflow connectors in black to match up with the other fittings using on the fuel line (just find the standard red and blue looks a bit blingy and I want to stick to my black &white/silver theme).

The blanking plugs were removed from the water pump and manifold but the taper thread seems too big, leaving the fitting sitting to high on the pump and then the 45 deg fitting fouls on the alternator adjustor bar.

Also the 45 deg fitting doesn't put the hose at the correct orientation from either the pump or the manifold so need to reassess this next week. Essentially I need to copy the set up used by STR on his iron block engine.

Taper thread doesn't screw in far enough

Fitting fouls alternator adjustment bar

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