Screen 3

Had a bit of trouble previously getting the batons to adhere to the car. Reading the instructions on the 'No More Nails' tube I noticed that the ideal temperature should be +10° C. As my workshop has thin aluminium walls and roof and it isn't heated, at this time of year it barely reaches that let alone stay above that.

Eventually, I managed to get them to stick on using a combination of adhesive and silicone. They doesn't need to be to firm as they have to be removed once the holes are marked on the screen legs.

With the batons fixed in place the screen mounting bolts are removed and the screen legs are lowered through the slots in the top of the wings/scuttle. They then pass between the baton and the mounting panel. I decided at this point to get the alignment as correct as I could and then just drill one hole which could be made oversize later if adjustment becomes necessary.

Again, another point to note here is the dimension required to get the screen rake at the correct angle. The build CD says 860mm but most of the build blogs say 930mm. Having spoken to GD, I think the 860 is for a Mark III not a Mark IV.

To get the 930mm right, I trimmed a piece of timber to length and wedged it between the roll of the rear scuttle and the top of the screen. This gives a nice solid point to ensure the other holes are all marked in the right positions.

Timber prop ensures 930mm distance from scuttle to screen top is maintained.

The other thing to get right is the gap between the bottom of the screen frame and the top of the scuttle. I've read about people making up all sorts of spacers to get this right but again with some advice form GD, they suggest that its more about getting the screen to fit with the rubber seal sitting properly on the scuttle. By default, this gives a gap of between 4mm and 6mm at each side once the escutcheons are fitted.

With this in mind I concentrated on getting the gap level each side.

Ensure gap both sides is the same

I also made sure that the screen was sitting 'square' to the car sides. This was checked by measuring from the edge of the screen (I used the outer fixing hole for the sun visor as a common reference point) to top of what is in essence the 'B' pillar.

Once I was happy with this the holes were marked and drilled and the screen was test fitted. The centre support bar mounting bracket was attached and the hole positions marked on the scuttle. With the screen removed these holes were drilled slightly oversize (5mm to accommodate 4mm button heads).

Im still not happy with the scuttle finish despite lots of rubbing down and polishing so I cant final fix the screen just yet but hope to get this done in the next few days as this will hamper progress otherwise. But all in all I'm pretty happy with how it looks :)

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