Undertray 2

A few weeks ago I fitted the undertray in place but didn't decide what to do about fixing the sides to the inner wing.

After a bit of reading up and some trial and error, I decided the best thing to do would be to use rivnuts at the back of the undertray where the gap is the greatest and then use a self tapper at the front purely for cosmetic purposes.

The undertray is much lower than bottom of inner wing and although it can't be seen in this photo there is about a 10mm gap between the edge of the undertray and the inner

A hole was drilled through the inner wing and into the under tray and then an M6 rivnut was fitted into the under tray. An M6 bolt was then passed through the inner wing to secure in place. A self tapper was fitted at the front of the under tray and then the small gaps that were left were filled with some silicone to keep it all looking neat and tidy.

Undertray held in place with Rivnut and M6 Bolt

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