Budget Realignment - Engine & Chassis Decisions

Wednesday 11th January

This week I have been talking to engine builders to get some idea of lead time and costs and also been in touch with Andy at GD to get an estimate for the GDEURO rolling chassis - OMG!!! My budget certainly needs realigning.

Engine Builders

Spoken at length with Ian at British American Engines and have a price of c£5.5k + VAT for a 400BHP+ Chevy Stroker.

Then  spoke to Ken Coleman at EDA (as recommended by Andy at GD) and he has quoted £8k + VAT for what on the face of it is a very similar unit. Off to visit him on Tuesday to have a look around his workshop.

Could really do with hearing from some other builders about their experiences.


Andy has sent his quote through for the rolling chassis and this was an even bigger fall of my chair moment - c£18k + VAT

Need to go through the bill of materials in detail and see what, if anything, can be deferred until later in the year without overly delaying my build - a set of temp wheels and tyres would defer best part of £2k!!

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