Hole Cutting

Christmas Holidays 2011

Having drilled holes in the rear of the bodyshell for stop/tail light and indicators, I felt I had lost my virginity somewhat and decided that I would take advantage of the extra time available over the Christmas holidays to cut some more serious holes. Namely, headlamp apertures, oil cooler air intake and brake vents.

Now drilling uniform holes is one thing but cutting great big holes in the front of the body is another thing all together and quite scary. I'd like to thank Ryan for his detailed and informative build blog - not sure how I would be able to build this thing without the many blogs out there - on tips for cutting out the oil cooler and brake vent holes.


I've read much about the procedure for cutting headlamp apertures and the generally accepted method id to mark an inner circle 3mm less than the diameter marked by GD then use a drill and join up the holes. However, having invested in my Dremel (complete with accessories package) I did some googling and YouTubeing (link to circle cutter demo video) and found that my circle cutting attachment should be perfectly suited to the job.

With this in mind I set about cutting the 78mm dia hole as per the GD build notes

Using Dremel 678 Circle Cutter

As cut, prior to fettling

At this point I feel I must have a moan about the GD build notes and their recommended hole sizes. The 28mm dia hole for the indicators is too small (the earth tag wont pass through the hole) which was annoying as I had specifically bought a non-standard size hole saw for this task and then had to elongate the hole with the Dremel. Now the headlamp bowls wont fit the 78mm hole and these need enlarging!! Grrhh.

Oil Cooler

Following Ryan's advice, I masked up the area to be cut off and drew a pencil line to give me a clear guide. I then used the Dremel with a cutting disc to slice off the bottom of the 'bowl'

Masked up ready to mark cut line

Cutting bottom off 'bowl' using Dremel

After cutting out the hole for the oil cooler air intake, I repeated the procedure for the brake vents. Once cut I used a file to smooth the edges prior to rubbing down when I do the rest of the internal body edges.

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