Excitement - Engine & Chassis Ordered

Tuesday 17th January

Well, today proved to be a very exciting day in my Cobra Build program.

After phone calls to various engine builders, a visit was planned to see Ken Coleman at EDA up in Castleford, West Yorkshire. It took three hours to get there after M6 traffic problems but have to say it was well worth the journey.

Met Ken and his two colleagues and they couldn't have been more accommodating with coffee on arrival, a workshop tour and an explanation of their build process. Some two hours later, I had shaken hands on a deal for a 400+bhp 383 Chevy Stroker engine, blueprinted and built to EDA's exacting standards including steel crank, steel conrods and aluminium Edelbrock heads.

Estimated delivery to be end of April 2012. This gives plenty of time to complete all body work tasks without any excuses!

A trip back down the A1 followed calling in at GD to meet with Andy to discuss the Chassis configuration and options.

Another hour later and I've shaken hands on the deal to supply the rolling chassis complete with AP brake upgrade. Still need to give some thought to the radiator though and decide if I go for conventional with single fan or the aluminium rad with twin fans.

So... best part of £30k later and I'm driving back home. Broke but happy and looking forward to the end of April. The engine will be delivered to GD and Andy has agreed that we can help with the installation!!! How exciting!!! And much better than any Easter Egg :)

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