Door Hanging

Friday 6th January

Well here goes with first update on 2012 build activities...

Spent sometime on New Years Eve thinking about how to tackle door hanging and building the hinge assemblies on the workbench and on Thursday night spent a couple of hours trying to put the theory into practice - although with limited success it has to be said!!!

First of all the doors arrived from GD without any markings showing hole positions etc so we decided to do a mock up of the latch and catch assembly and make sure everything worked before cutting holes in the door.

Hinges fixed to car body

Striker post

Hinge, catch and latch fixed in place

View from inside
Ignore the VW Convertible in the background for now(it's a friend's car that needs rebuilding)

So, after a dummy run we marked up the doors with the hole positions and started drilling and cutting...

Hinge bracket holes drilled

And after much messing and faffing we got the door hung - still need to do some work on the latch/catch and alignment but it represents a whole evening's work and progress...

Test fitted

Now... more about that Beetle

Having got very annoyed with door hanging, we decided to do some door UN-hanging, with this being the result - much easier to take them off than to put them on!!!!

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