Year End Progress Report

Sunday 1st January 2012

As the Christmas holidays draw to a close, I thought I would write my first blog of 2012 with a look back at what I have achieved so far...

Significant Achievements

1. Decision made to build GD427 Mk4
2. Order placed for white bodyshell with twin black stripes and various other components required for first stage of build
3. Collected bodyshell and components 3rd November 2011 - this is the official day one for my build counter
4. Removed all exterior (and some internal) flashlines ready for polishing
5. Majority of body holes cut - headlamps; indicators; stop/tail lights; oil cooler air intake; brake vents; fuse box; extended footwell
6. All lighting (except for rear fog and reverse light) test fitted
7. Made a start on fitting the doors

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